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Westerville Roofing ContractorWith over 30 years experience in professional roofing GKG Roofing is the clear choice for both home and business owners across Brice and the surrounding Ohio area. our highly trained and skilled contractors repair, inspect and install all roofs for both residential and commercial properties no matter how large, small, or what type of roof you need. We have built a reputation as a company that people can trust. We provide efficient, reliable, affordable service and we guarantee both our work and our finished products. All of our staff is insured and trained in high-level work environments, and we perform every job with absolute precision and care. Get your next roofing project done right the first time with GKG Roofing. We are the roofing experts!

  • The Right Roof for You -

    We work on all types of buildings and build and repair all types of roofs. With one on-site visit we can help you determine what type of roof is right for you depending on the weather and wind in your area and what type of home or office we are working on. We install and repair all types of roof surfaces including shingles, metal roofing, tile roofs, flat roofs, and incline roofing. If you're not sure which type of roof is right for your building, we can go over the pros and cons of all the options. The most important thing is that you choose a roof type that will give your home or commercial building the best type of coverage and protection.

  • Roof Cleaning -

    Regardless of whether you are home or business owner, having a clean roof is important for the appearance of your property. A clean roof can give your home the appearance of being new and instantly improve your curb appeal. A professional roof cleaning will also eliminate mold, algae and other harmful elements that can eat away at your roofs surface. Our roof cleaning service includes several features such as restoring all your shingles, cleaning off all debris from the roof and the gutters, treating the roof from algae and mold, and giving you a full roof inspection to deal with any issues that may be harming your roof.

  • Roof Repairs -

    Let's face it, roof repairs can be very stressful and costly. So when the time comes that you need repairs due to a storm or because of the age of your roof, then go with a professional company that can help you from start to finish. Home and business owners love GKG Roofing, because they know that they can depend on our contractors to provide fast, dependable, and affordable service. We always how up on time, we meet all deadlines, and we provide you with quality roofing products that are built to last. There's no hassle, no guesswork, and no waiting around forever for us to complete the job. We know what it takes to guarantee your satisfaction. Contact us today. We are the roofing experts!

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