Comparing Galvanized Steel and Aluminum Metal Roofing

GKG Roofing Metal RoofingIf the roof on your Powell home needs to be replaced, then it's a perfect time to hire a roofer to install metal roofing. Metal roofs are known for their longevity, durability, and fire resistance. Metal roofing is a preferred choice for homeowners who desire a roof that is resistant to pests, environmentally friendly, and easy to clean. Additionally, galvanized steel and aluminum metal roofs reflect heat and sunlight, making them excellent options for homeowners looking to reduce their energy usage. Galvanized steel and aluminum are popular metal roofing materials, but they have different attributes that you should consider before installing a metal roof.

Characteristics of Galvanized Steel Metal Roofing

Galvanized steel was initially developed for commercial buildings, but it's now accessible for use on residential properties. It has become a common roofing material because the galvanization process reduces the effects of corrosion and extends the roof's longevity. Galvanized steel metal roofing undergoes a process in which molten zinc is applied to steel, forming a strong chemical bond. However, the galvanized layer eventually wears down, exposing the steel beneath and allowing corrosion to occur. Galvanized steel is recyclable, and the zinc used in the galvanization process can be utilized repeatedly with minimal waste. Because of galvanized steel's durability, you will save money on repairs and replacement parts. Roofs made of galvanized steel can react with salt, chemicals, metals, and acid, so you should hire a roofer to clean your roof annually.

Characteristics of Aluminum Metal Roofing

Homeowners who reside in coastal areas are often encouraged to install aluminum metal roofs because aluminum is very resistant to corrosive seawater compared to other types of metal roofing, such as steel. The aluminum is still affected by seawater, however. It experiences a quick reaction with the oxygen, forming a barrier layer of aluminum oxide that protects the aluminum from further corrosion. Aluminum metal roofs are often painted because homeowners don't enjoy the natural patina that develops as the roofs age. Aluminum roofing is typically very thin and lightweight, making installation less laborious for your roofer, and although its price fluctuates, it's usually more expensive than steel roofing.

If you want a metal roofing material that is available in various coatings and colors, both galvanized steel and aluminum are good options. If you're unsure which type of metal roofing to choose for your Powell home, consult with a roofer from an experienced roofing company like GKG Roofing to learn more about the characteristics of each material.

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